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Coming to Kickstarter on March 25th, 2019!

When a caravan bound for Oregon was descended upon by a silvery craft in the middle of the prairie, no one knew then just how weird the West could get. When the Krukians offered to trade their advanced technology for the settlers’ primitive wares, things became even stranger. While Amos and a few others wished to journey onward to Oregon, they were outvoted, and soon a new settlement formed around the alien saucer. This drew the attention of a native tribe, who eventually set up camp not far from the strange frontier town.

You are one of five tinkerers, modifying typical alien, settler, and native gear to create unique gadgets that stand apart from the rest. Though money is nice, the real prize is your reputation. Does that multisense obfuscator need some colored beads, or maybe that spinning wheel would work better if it was powered by a fusion reactor? Well, hop into your encounter suit, polish your riding boots, and sharpen your hatchet because it is time prove once and for all that you are the best tinkerer in the West.