Summer 2015 at Five24 Labs

Things have been crazy busy around here so far this summer, and there's no sign of stopping! Here's a little insight as to what's going on.  

Area 1851

Right now, Area 1851 is getting ever closer to store shelves, From what I've heard we are on the brink of assembly at the manufacturers. At that point, they get everything into a box, and then it finally gets on a slow boat across the ocean! I still have desperate hopes that people have the game in their hands by GenCon. I may be a little too optimistic, but time will tell!


Gen Con 2015

Well since you brought up Gen Con, I might as well talk about that. This year Justin will be out at GenCon again, and will be demoing Area 1851 in the events hall several times. The events are sold out, but that doesn't mean everybody will show up, if you really want to get in a game, check out the listing, and swing by to see if you can fill in with a generic ticket!

Justin will be around at GenCon doing various events and hanging out at the Game Salute booth possibly as well. If you see him, say hi! He will also have a few copies of Miscalculation with him so if you don't have a copy and want one, let him know, he can hook you up!


Project Arkansas

We have been having weekly testing sessions of our upcoming steampunk themed mech arena combat card game. Balance is nearly achieved between the various mech pilots. And bosses are getting more and more solidified as well. Project Arkansas is chugging along nicely and will start to see the light of day soon.

Justin will have a prototype with him at Gen Con and is more than willing to play a game or two with you. It teaches really quickly and 1 on 1 games are fairly short (about 20min on avg.)


Other Projects

We have several other projects on the back burner that will start to get more focus as Arkansas gets closer to "done". We are excited to tell you more about those games in later posts this summer