It's time to get minty fresh!

A new game from the designer of Area 1851, launches on Kickstarter August 16th. Five24 Labs mad scientist Justin Blaske is bringing Mint Works, his new pocket sized worker placement game to Kickstarter to seek funding. Players who love micro games, and worker placement will both enjoy this small and potent installment.

Mint Works has seen tons of iterative internal testing, external blind playtesting and competition judgment over the last year. Art, layout and design are all complete all that remains is securing funding to sign on with a manufacturer. The Kickstarter will feature a copy of the game for $10 with free shipping to the US, and subsidized shipping to other conuntries. Copies of Mint Works are backed by a money-back garuntee to all Kickstarter Backers.

About the game

Players take the role of a mint tycoon, utilizing the mints at their disposal as currancy to purchase plans for new and exciting structures that will provide them with recognition and more mints!

Use your mints wisely and rise to the top, in this pocket sized minty fresh worker placement extravaganza.


Time: 10min Reccomended Age: 8+ Players: 2 - 4 Five24 Labs Website: Mint Works on BGG: Facebook: Twitter: