Mint Delivery - Coming to Kickstarter on August 29

We are happy to announce that our newest game, Mint Delivery, will be hitting Kickstarter on August 29, 2017.

The spiritual successor to Mint Works, Mint Delivery is a refreshing light pick-up and deliver game for 2 to 4 players where you take on the role of a delivery driver. By taking orders, loading mints onto your truck and delivering them to their destinations efficiently, you can reach your goal of becoming Employee of the Month and winning the game!

Photo credit: Eric from

Photo credit: Eric from

If you are attending Gen Con this year, we are running demos of Mint Delivery throughout the convention. You can find a list of available events here:

In addition, we will be using this campaign to help fund a second printing of Mint Works. The success of our first mint tin game was so incredible that we no longer have any copies in our warehouse! If you missed out on getting one the first time (or just can't get enough of the cool, refreshing taste of Mort's Mints), this campaign will be a great way to support our new project and secure yourself a copy of our hit pocket-sized worker placement game as well.