Area 1851: Express Galloping Towards Kickstarter

Area 1851 Express Logo_trans.gif

We have a few fun things coming down the pipe as we gear up for 2019. First on deck, we have Area 1851: Express! Our first product, Area 1851, was published through Game Salute in 2015, but now we’re back to self-publish the concept as a card game.

Area 1851: Express is absolutely beautiful and features the art of Lucas Soriano from the original game, but has streamlined gameplay to a well-paced 30-45 minute timeframe. You still get to make entertaining combos like the “Lead-coated Breechcloth That Causes Pregnancy” so we haven’t lost the humor that makes the Area 1851 universe so wonderful!

We can’t say too much yet, since it’s still in playtesting, but you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on this one from designers, Justin Blaske & Mel Primus.