Area 1851: Express Galloping Towards Kickstarter

Area 1851: Express Galloping Towards Kickstarter

Area 1851: Express is absolutely beautiful and features the art of Lucas Soriano from the original game, but has streamlined gameplay to a well-paced 30-45 minute timeframe. You still get to make entertaining combos like the “Lead-coated Breechcloth That Causes Pregnancy” so we haven’t lost the humor that makes the Area 1851 universe so wonderful!

Mint Delivery - Coming to Kickstarter on August 29

We are happy to announce that our newest game, Mint Delivery, will be hitting Kickstarter on August 29, 2017.

The spiritual successor to Mint Works, Mint Delivery is a refreshing light pick-up and deliver game for 2 to 4 players where you take on the role of a delivery driver. By taking orders, loading mints onto your truck and delivering them to their destinations efficiently, you can reach your goal of becoming Employee of the Month and winning the game!

Photo credit: Eric from

Photo credit: Eric from

If you are attending Gen Con this year, we are running demos of Mint Delivery throughout the convention. You can find a list of available events here:

In addition, we will be using this campaign to help fund a second printing of Mint Works. The success of our first mint tin game was so incredible that we no longer have any copies in our warehouse! If you missed out on getting one the first time (or just can't get enough of the cool, refreshing taste of Mort's Mints), this campaign will be a great way to support our new project and secure yourself a copy of our hit pocket-sized worker placement game as well.

Mint Works, Card Size, and You!

This morning we managed to hit the $20k stretch goal for Mint Works, which is so amazing! Good work everybody! The number keeps climbing and we are marching towards more stretch goals. In the update I sent out this morning I had mentioned that I was considering dropping the card size down from a custom size, somewhat near the size of a business card, down to a standard "Mini Euro" size. The leading contributors to this decision were

  • Card Sleeves are available in this size
  • Additional space in the tin for more cards

I figured this wouldn't be a big deal at all, because the game is micro and portable. In addition the cards are already smaller than normal, and never spend time in your hands like a typical card game.

A few concerns have come up regarding the idea of shrinking the cards down and I want to address them here, rather than in yet another Kickstarter update, I don't want to fill your in boxes with too many updates!

The main concerns about sizing the cards down were

  • Readability (will important things be too hard to read across the table?)
  • Accessibility (will it be too hard to place mints on the locations?)
  • Preference


This was one of my main concerns with shifting to the smaller cards, so I made sure not to size down any important information on the cards when creating the updated templates.

The result was a little less white space, slightly smaller card art, and a tighter design over all. The key items on the cards: Cost, Points, Name, Effect all maintain their existing size. Below is an image (clickable to see full resolution) that shows existing prototype cards along side the proposed mini euro cards. There is also a base Ticket to Ride card and regular playing card for scale.


In terms of readability, everything looks as it should. I think this should dispel that concern.


Now this was not something that had concerned me when I initially considered shrinking the cards down, it was brought up by several people and I think it is very much worth verifying.

The two main concerns about accessibility were holding the cards and placing mint tokens on the locations. I don't think holding the cards should be a concern since you don't ever really need to keep a handle on your cards during the game. They spend the vast majority of their time on the table.

As for placing mints, I did some tests with my mint token analogs (read: Altoids) and stacked a few. These mint token analogs are 12mm in  diameter and 6mm in thickness. The diameter is the thing we care about the most at this moment as that is what the final diameter of the tokens for Mint Works will be.

Below is a picture (clickable for full resolution) of the same set of tokens on the same card in both existing size and the smaller size.


Everything still fits just fine, the circles are nicely sized for the tokens and spacing still allows easy access to the placement circles. I think this should dispel the accessibility concern.


Now there really isn't anything I can do to change how somebody feels about a given card size, so bullet point 3 is something I can't address here with a picture. That doesn't mean we can't address it. Which leads us into the next step.

I've created another poll, this time to gauge preference of card size. The poll only addresses the concern of card size for now. As I'm not putting the option of plastic cards on the table quite yet since I've done little to no research into it.

Like the other poll, you can vote once per day until it's closed. I'm not going to set an end date on the poll just yet.

I've embedded the poll below, or you can go here to view it directly:

<a href="">Mint Works - Card Size</a>

New Game - Mint Works

Mint Works is a light and straight forward worker placement game. Its compact size makes it easy to put in your pocket and take it anywhere. Its simple rules make it easy to introduce new players to the genre of worker placement.

During the game each player will have a limited amount of Mint Tokens, which represent their workers.

Players will use these mint tokens to earn more tokens, take first player or buy and build plans.

Plans are how players earn points. Some plans will only give points, others will give extra powers to the owner.

Once any player has at least 7 points earned (or if there are not enough plans to refill the stock) the end of the game is triggered. The game will then be over at the end of the current round.

Whoever has the most points provided by plans they have built wins!


Current: Getting Initial Manufacturing Quotes Next: Formulating the Kickstarter plan, Approaching Reviewers.

New Game - Dungeon Town


You are a budding adventurer who recently arrived in Dungeon Town, a small secluded settlement that just happens to be surrounded by three dungeons full of terrifying monsters and riches untold. The Lord of Dungeon Town, Thurston von Upperchin, recently passed away. His manor and estate will be up for auction in the coming weeks, and you have grand aspirations of becoming the next ruler. To accomplish this, you must delve in the dungeons and haggle with the local merchants to earn enough gold to purchase not only Upperchin Manor but all of Dungeon Town!


Dungeon Town is a Gear Wrangling, Monster Fighting game designed by Mel Primus and Justin Blaske for 2 - 4 players.

Players of Dungeon Town find themselves making tough decisions on what skills they want to take when leveling up and which pieces of gear they need to purchase to slay the maximum number of monsters they can each turn.

Dungeon Town is currently going through the balancing phase of playtesting, and we hope to offer up some playtesting prototypes to the public in early 2016. If you would like to partake in this testing, please leave a comment on this article or contact us.

If you are interested in trying out Dungeon Town before playtesting copies are ready, stay tuned for Print and Play files in the upcoming weeks!

New Designer - Mel Primus

I'd like to take a moment to announce a new designer that we have added to the team, Mel Primus.

2015-11-18Mel is a business systems programmer and lifelong gamer. His wealth of creative energy has manifested in multiple forms throughout his life including art, music, acting, tabletop roleplaying, video game design, and board game design. He believes strongly that, in this brave new world of portable technology and social media, tabletop games are some of the most powerful tools for bringing friends and family back together again.

Mel and I have been working together for the last few months on a new game that goes by the name Dungeon Town. Stay tuned for a post about that in the near future.

Area 1851 Launch Party

area-1851-coverThis weekend we are having a Launch party here in Lincoln Nebraska for Area 1851! If you’re in the area you should stop by Hobby Town USA at 70th and Pioneers and come play! Everybody that plays will be entered in a drawing to win a free copy of Area 1851!



71yXyP5EGSLIan stone will also be there to sell and sign copies of his hilarious book set in the Area 1851 universe.

Miscalculation: A Tale of Area 1851

Area 1851 Production Status

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to take a moment to let everybody know  everything I did on the current production status of Area 1851.

As of right now, I know things are moving at the factory, and we expect to be seeing samples. The only sample I've seen so far is the dice, so I want to show you that at least, so we all know the same information.


It's not much, but to me this is VERY exciting! Sure it's just dice, but they are dice that only exist because of Area 1851! That means a lot to me, and helps to keep me excited as we continue to wait during this slow period of production!

That's all I really have for now, if you have questions feel free to hit us up on facebook, twitter, email or however you prefer (as long as you can find me there!)