Welcome Aboard, Rachael!


Rachael Blaske


Five24 Labs is growing! With the success of Mint Works and Mint Delivery, a much needed operations manager was hired so the guys could get back to focusing on making great games!

Rachael is very near and dear to the company as she is Justin’s other half since 2003! Watching him grow this business over the past 6 years from a hobby to a publishing firm gave her a first row seat to the passion and excitement Justin has for the board gaming world.

Starting out trying to moderate his addiction, she tried saying “You can’t buy another board game until you have played the last one ten times!” We all know how well that worked out…

Mothering four kids all day leaves mush for brains at night so she keeps her gaming light, social and conflict-free. She has enough fires to put out on a daily basis to do it recreationally!

With all those kids, she is a whiz at organization and budgeting so her skillset is fitted well to directing the day to day operations of a business as well. It’s usually her that you chat with in the realms of customer service, event planning, social media, accounting, playtesting administration and b2b relations.

In her off hours, she leads a Girl Scout troop, enjoys photography and mostly corrals her children, McKenna, Eli, Teague & Zane, along with the 7 pets they had to have, Auri (dog), Denna (cat), Sonic (hedgehog), Twix, Copper, Tank & Pixel (guinea pigs).


Apparently, Justin thinks I’m spendy! 🤣